Meet The Team

We have a superb team of experienced carers, all of whom are genuine dog lovers and will care for your dogs as they would their own. They know everything about your dogs health and well-being so they can ensure your dog gets the most from their stay.

As well as ensuring your pet is comfortable and clean during their stay, they also spend time playing with them and giving them all the love and attention they are used to at home.

Jonathan Lines

Hello and welcome to Maccabee’s Dog Hotel. I’m new to Buckinghamshire and Maccabee’s. As the owner of a London based Dog day-care company I’ve been taking the very best care of dogs for the last 5 years. Maccabee’s is a brand new and exciting venture for me and I’m delighted to have taken over such a wonderful business. My team is enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about the care of dogs.

We’re investing in new facilities that will ensure you dog enjoys a safe and happy break while you’re on holiday. We’ve built a Grooming Salon and fully equipped Agility Area, in addition we’ve extended our paddocks and invested in super comfortable beds.

I look forward to welcoming you and your dog to Maccabee’s.


Suzanne Ray

Suzanne Maccabbe's Pet HotelHi! My name is Suzy but pretty much everyone calls me Fluff. I’ve worked with dogs for 23 years and I’m still learning new things almost every day. I’ve worked with almost every breed of dog and have experience with all sorts of medical and other special needs.

I don’t have a favourite breed; I think that all dogs regardless of size or shape deserve the same love and attention.

Tomasz Mojowski

Thomasz at Maccabee's Dog HotelHello. I’ve been part of the Maccabee’s team for the more than 5 years. Looking after dogs for me is much, much more than a job it’s part of my life. I live at the Hotel and am on call day and night to make sure your family member is happy safe and well.. The biggest thanks I get form my work at Maccabee’s Pet Hotel is a wagging tail. Have a wonderful holiday and be sure that we’re here looking after your best friend.

Linzi Lines-Young

Linzi Young Maccabee's Pet HotelMy dog is a terrific Pomeranian, Whippet cross called Bella. She’s a stunning little thing and loves as much attention as possible. I’m Maccabee’s Marketing and Communications Manager and You’ll mainly find me in the office at Maccabee’s but I try and visit our guests every day.

Sandra Young

Linzi Young Maccabee's Pet HotelI’m Sandra, quite a new member of the Maccabee’s team. I love dogs and really enjoy seeing all the different breeds of dog that stay with us. It’s amusing to see their different personalities and great to see how well most of the dogs get along together. I tend to work mainly behind the scenes, answering emails along with other administration duties. I think Maccabee’s is a very special place.