Prices – Including Collection and Return

Prices for the Country Retreat at Maccabee’s Pet Hotel include collection from your home and delivery back at the end of your holiday. Your dog will always be transported in one of our specially equipped vehicles.

Service Price
Maccabee’s Pet Hotel
1 Dog £36 per day
Price includes pick-up and drop-off
2 Dogs £62 per day
Price includes pick-up and drop-off
Wash, Blow-Dry, Style and Scent
Small Dog £30
Medium Dog £35
Large £40

All Prices include VAT. Christmas, New Year and Summer Peak rates are from £42.50 per day for one dog and £75 for two dogs (10 July to 5 Sept & 20 December to 4 January )

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Active Dog Boarding in Rural Buckinghamshire

Our comfortable and fully equipped rooms for dogs from South West London provide a home-from-home for your best friend.

We believe that maccabee’s Pet Hotel is where dogs would choose to go on holiday. We have a passionate and highly trained team of carers who are dedicated to providing the very best care and entertainment for your dog.

We have almost 4 acres of fields and paddocks divided up into areas of play, relaxation and agility.

More about the rooms

Accommodation at Maccabee’s is comfortable, safe and warm each room has its own separate leisure and sleeping areas.

Exercise and stimulation

We call it ‘Quality Time’…….We believe in the value of exercise and stimulation and aim to provide the appropriate amount of both. The team spend ‘Quality’ time with our guests everyday. They may spend time in one of our paddocks playing or working the agility course or they may just have a good long cuddle in their guest’s room.

Our guest will also enjoy our agility course. This facility ensures your dog is exercised and stimulated during their stay with us.

Nutrition and meal-time

A well fed dog is a happy dog and we cater for all dietary requirements.

We provide high quality pet food for our guests; Arden Grange is a premium, high quality solid, tried and tested brand that offers a range of flavours. We rotate the menu so that our guests enjoy a fully balanced and varied diet.

We appreciate that some guests will prefer wet foods and this is also catered for.

We are also happy to maintain your specific feeding program. You are welcome to provide your own pet food with you.

Feeling at home – Wellbeing

We all love going on holiday, however, it can be a daunting experience. We want our guests to feel at home; We encourage you to provide your dog’s favourite toys, bedding & blankets so they feel comfortable, relaxed and at home.

We will treat your dog as our own. They’ll get lots of attention, love and cuddles!


Please ensure that your dog is up to date with his or her annual booster jab and kennels cough vaccine before they come to stay and bring along their vaccination record card with you.

You can get a free copy from your vets if you have misplaced it.

Your dog will require the following vaccinations:

  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Bordetella (kennel cough)


Our guests are never left alone; One of the Maccabee’s team are on duty at the Hotel 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep them happy and secure.
In addition there are security cameras throughout the hotel which are constantly monitored.

Veterinary Services

We do all we can to in the interests of care and welfare of our guests. From time-to-time an animal can have an accident or become poorly. If this happens we will call you and follow your advice. If we cannot make contact with you we will seek and follow veterinary advice. We have a terrific relationship with Temple End Vets in High Wycombe who will come to the hotel regardless of what time they are called out. Any costs will be borne by the dog’s owner.

It is important that you let us know on arrival of any existing medical conditions affecting your dog.

Unfortunately we may have to refuse admission if your dog show signs of ill health.